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Category List
Each spoke of the Wheel of the Year marks a new point of discovery and it is no different here at Misty Moon Mystiques. Each quarter and cross-quarter we hand-pick a fine selection of seasonally themed items and feature them here.
Seasonal Selections
Among the items found in this category one can find such things as glycerine, beeswax, candy crystals, and xantham gum.
Compounding Ingredients
An understanding of herbs and how to use them form the basis of ancient magick, medicine, and worship. Today we use the same herbs for health, teas, cooking and magick as people of all cultures did hundreds, or even thousands of years ago.
Herbs & Botanicals
Whether you are looking for the binding properties of these resins or the wonderful aromas that only resin can provide, look no further.
Resins & Gums
Here you will find a variety of salts and minerals available for your herbal needs.
Salts & Minerals
Found in this category are such aromatherapy accessory items as an Aromatherapy Deck and Wheel, patches, inhalers, oil diffusers, vaporizers, electric room fresheners, lamp rings, pads, wicks, and room sprays.
Aromatherapy Accessories
The grinding of herbs, both sacred and savory has been done with the mortar and pestle since before the times of the earliest recorded medical texts.
Mortars & Pestles
Ok, so how now are you going to store, portion and dispense your bountiful supply of herbs, oils and various concoctions? Look to our large selection of containers for some ideas and answers!!
Packaging & Storage
Bags, totes, and pouches of all sizes available here!
Totes, Bags, & Pouches
We've got a pretty good selection of teas, coffees, and a bit of hot chocolate to choose from. Find the accessories to prepare and serve it just right... Your sure to find something to please here!
Coffees, Teas, Maté, & Cocoas
Candles are a standard fixture for many altars and rituals and rank among the most popular of all magickal tools. You will find a wide variety of candles, holders, and accessories here
From simply scenting your home, use as an offering, an aid in scrying, to the calling of spirits - we have an exceptional selection of incense (cone, stick, powder, resin) and the burners, holders, and various accessories to suit your every need.
Incense & Incense Burners
Magickal, mundane, or a little of both. Our vast selection of decor items are sure add to your home or office interior design well. We have a little bit of everything listed here. So sit back, relax and enjoy the selection.
Please watch for a spectacular display rolling out in the near future. Our beginning selections include room sprays and cookie cutters and stamps soon to added will be natural cleaners and household products.
Home & Hearth
Products reported to boost or supplement health and nutrition. The information provided is based on historical and traditional uses and is intended to help you make informed decisions, not as a substitute for competent medical care.
Whether in preparation for ritual or spellwork or for daily indulgences our line of personal care products will surely provide for a wonderful experience.
Personal Care
Casual to elaborate, cryptic to distinct - our vast assortment of jewelry is sure to please. Here you will find such treasures as anklets, bracelets, pendents, and hair accessories.
Jewelry & Adornments
Tell the world what you are about without saying a word!
Bumper Stickers & More
Knowledge and wisdom are highly important to many, especially for those with an esoteric curiosity. Our selection of books, CDs, and DVDs delve into almost every area of spiritual and esoteric study one can imagine.
Books, CDs, & DVDs
Here you will find a wonderful selection of greeting cards, posters, prints, and wall scrolls.
Cards, Posters, & Prints
For many spiritual practitioners their altar is an intimate extension of their center essence. Here you will find a plethora of altar tools and supplies, many at discounted prices.
Altar Accoutrements
Divination and oracles ... augry and omens ... visions and portents. Many of the tools to master the art of divination are available here.
Divination Tools
Intended for practitioners of gem and metal magick, the beauty found in these stones, crystals, and gems have made them a favorite of people from all paths, for a multitude of magickal, energetic, and decorative needs.
Stones & Crystals
Non-categorized items are to be found here.
Odds & Ends
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Information provided is for general educational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Although we have attempted to provide accurate information, in no respect is it to be considered complete nor authoritative. No guarantees are expressed or implied concerning products offered for health, spiritual or magickal purposes, and all uses and outcomes are the sole responsibility of the consumer. Consultation with a qualified practitioner is always recommended before use of any of our products. Misty Moon Mystiques and its associates make no claims of being, in any fashion, qualified professionals.

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